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An Agency Team of Workers Compensation Coverage Specialists




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What We Do


We Specialize in Providing High Value & Highly Effective Options On the Following:


Workers Compensation Programs


Group Health Plans


Commercial Insurance Coverage


paired with relentless Follow up & Client Service




FlexPay - A Premium Financed ' Pay as you Go ' Program for Workers Comp 

High Deductible Buy Back Options 

Captive & Captive Cell Program Designs 



Q: When is The Risk worth the reward ~ And when is the reward worth the effort ?


A: When aN Entity Has good to excellent Claims Performance and can qualify to Benefit from their annual Premium Spend




Q: is this DOABLE ?


A: If the Math Proves Positive ~ IT Is 



To Inquire if Premium efficiencies & Profits can be Harvested From the annual expense of your entity's Workers compensation coverage - 

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“I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.”  Steve Jobs


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About us

Kalayjian Oaks & Associates has been helping both Individuals and Businesses with their coverage needs since 1965 when Charles Lowenfeld partnered with Leon Kalayjian and Lowenfeld & Kalayjian was established in Scarsdale NY. In 1993 Mr. Kalayjian partnered with Alan Kligerman to launch Kligerman & Kalayjian in White Plains, NY. In 2007 Leon  H. Kalayjian and Stephen M. Oaks partnered with Mr. Kalayjian to expand the Agency into new directions of Client engagement. Now in its second generation and 50th year, our boutique Agency maintains a culture of efficiency and genuine sense of purpose in our daily performance. It is our sincere privilege to provide innovative solutions for our Clients' needs.

We welcome you to allow us to pursue the best possible end results for your entity, and it is our sincere hope and desire to become an intimate and trusted Partner to those that choose to engage with our Agency team and their talents.