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AIG CyberEdge  Risk Management & Tools for Tomorrow / vidoes clips & pdfs

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CyberEdge Features & Benefits

    • End-to-end risk management solution providing added cybersecurity expertise and responsive guidance whenever companies need it most, even before a breach occurs 

    • 24/7 access to, and rapid support of, the CyberEdge Breach Resolution Team, including our CyberEdge claims specialists and trusted network of legal, forensics, and public relations experts 

    • Experience of handling cyber-related claims for over 15 years assisting some of the largest companies respond to some of the biggest data breaches and helping more than 20 million individuals

    • Innovation that becomes clients' protection by constantly monitoring the cyber landscape and staying at the forefront of the industry as cyber risks continue to evolve

    • Tailored coverage options to ensure Insureds are able to promptly respond to, and prevent future or more costly damages


  • CyberEdge includes the following coverages provided through PortfolioSelect or Specialty Risk Protector policy form:

    • Third-Party Loss Resulting From a Security or Data Breach

    • Direct First-Party Costs Resulting From a Breach

    • Lost Income & Operating Expense Resulting From a Security or Data Breach

    • Threats to Disclose Data or Attack a System to Extort Money

    • Online Defamation & Copyright Trademark Infringement

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1 Quality Privacy Liability / 'Cyber' Policy - Bound 

POLICY - faq


What does Privacy liability cover?

This provides liability cover, including legal defense costs and indemnity payments, for claims brought against you arising from a data security breach, whether through electronic means or otherwise. This is provided on an “all risks basis”. The cover is also extended to include liability protection against claims arising from you spreading a computer virus or your systems being used to hack a third party.


What does Privacy breach notification cover?

This provides first party cover for the cost of complying with breach notification laws. Cover is also included for voluntary security breach notification where this will help to mitigate an impact upon the company’s brand or reputation. The cover itself will pay for the legal costs of drafting a breach letter, the cost or printing and posting the letter, credit monitoring costs, and forensic costs that may be required to identify the extent of the breach.


What does Media liability cover?

This provides comprehensive liability cover including legal defence costs as well as indemnity for damages and fines (where insurable). Essentially this cover protects against claims for intellectual property rights infringement (excluding patent) and defamation arising from content published by the company or on its behalf. This cover also extends to social media and user generated content (including company and employee blogs).


What does System damage and interruption cover?

This is first party cover that protects companies against their own losses resulting from damage to data caused either deliberately by a malicious employee or hacker, or totally accidentally (the infamous “fat finger”). The system interruption cover stems directly from this but is restricted to malicious employees, hackers or computer viruses. This provides protection against loss of profits arising directly from these perils.


What other Restrictions apply?

The system is currently restricted to firms with total revenues of less than $100,000,000. In addition, firms that have had claims over $25,000 in the last 5 years are automatically referred to Underwriters. Please know though that risks falling outside of the online target appetite can be placed off-line.

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