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Member Owned Insurance Programs

Reward the Cream Puffs !

Vested Commercial Insurance Programs for the well performing, entrepreneurial spirited Account

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Become a member of Team-owned Insurance Company and reap the rewards of future profits generated by your Member Owned Insurance Program, and convert your annual premium expense into an additional profit center.

Q: When is Budgeting For and paying Large Insurance premiums ever fun ?

A: When as a MeMber Owner, you have the opportunity to earn over 60% of your Premium spend back by way of Dividends and Investment Income, year to year.

*But why would you want the potential to to earn 60-70% of your premiums back annually ( with interest ) when you can simply keep feeding those large premiums to extremely profitable Insurance Carriers instead ??

Thank ya,…. Thank ya very much


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For accounts that match up well with a Member Owned Group Captive program, this one’s a Game Changer.

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