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Workers Compensation


Our Independent agency team specializes in providing Workers Compensation coverage solutions to companies of all sizes and industries. We are enthused to reduce your premium expenditure in this coverage area, regardless of how your company may be performing presently. We access the top Carriers and available WC  programs in order to bring our clients the best end result possible.

There are actually 2 premiums in Workers Comp coverage.

1. the one that you see on your annual renewal

2. the hidden one that is directly effected by how efficiently your claim is being handled ( or not )

Our Carriers and Programs of choice are keenly aware of the contingent increase in cost that an open claim will have on your future WC premiums, and will effectively help your injured employee recover and return to work as soon as possible.

This endeavor is accomplished by implementing':

1.a Safety Program to help prevent accidents from occurring at all


2.a collaborative Return to Work Program ( claim management & employee recovery ) at your company or place of business.