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       It is widely accepted that Successful Retirement Income planning is much about maximizing your yield while minimizing your risk

 along with the value you may or may not place on the promise to receive payments for the rest of your Life

There are 2 products within the Insurance industry where something unfortunate does not have to happen in order for the the Insured contract holder to receive a valuable benefit.

One of these products is an Annuity.

The word Origin and History for annuity goes back to the early 15th century:       "a yearly allowance, grant payable in annual installments ," from Anglo French and Old French annuité (14c.) 

Annuities are designed to protect the invested Insured from Longevity Risk. In other words - from ' outliving their money '

With advances in medicine and healthier lifestyles our nations population and Retirees in general are living longer lives. Life contingent payments that can guarantee that you will never out live your money is an insuring agreement that many People are more than happy to consider. Creating an Income Plan for your Retirement years is often centered around your monthly budgetary needs - and this is a very good starting point. But when you think about it a bit further,  a successful Retirement is really about your quality of risk management.

Taking steps to be sure you will have enough money to last you the rest of your Life is  important -

Making sure you don't lose your money, especially at the outset of your Retirement years - is paramount

The Thornburg Study below is an indication that the risks that exist in direct market investing may not be worth their Real Real returns?

                                                        Source: Thornburg Investment Management, " A Study of  Real  Real Returns, " July 2013

                                                        Source: Thornburg Investment Management, " A Study of Real Real Returns, " July 2013

Fixed Indexed Annuities ( FIAs) can provide the potential growth opportunities of the market without the risks of direct investment. Fixed annuities such as Deferred Income Annuities ( DIAs ) and Single Premium Immediate Annuities ( SPIAs ) can be utilized separately or in tandem to create powerful guaranteed income producing laddering strategies. Fixed and Fixed Annuities provide opportunities for growth,  safety, and Lifetime income to the invested contract holder.  And just recently, well known brands such as Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch are now partnering with top quality companies such as Integrity Life and AIG to offer even more growth potential.

The other Insurance vehicle that can be utilized for supplemental Income in Retirement, especially when Non Qualified funds are available is of course, Life Insurance. The main difference between a Life  policy and an Annuity is that permanent Life Insurance policies involve medical underwriting, and policy withdrawals are not intended to last a lifetime. That said,  Life Insurance can serve as an integral and important part of a quality Retirement Income design, as well as provide other valuable living benefits. Retirement Income building policies include Indexed Universal Life, Universal Life and Whole Life. These are permanent policies that build a cash value account that will be available for you to utilize as an Income supplement later on in your Life. And again, something unfortunate does not have to happen in order for the policy holder to receive a valuable benefit.

Kalayjian Oaks and our talented Associates strive to bring People efficient ways of improving their lives. We are always looking for effective Programs that will bring value to People, and trustworthy Partners that will deliver on their promises.

One of these is the AARP Auto & Home Insurance Program from The Hartford.